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Praise God, oh America.
Praise God oh, America!
By GrilledEelHamatsu
America sing, Sing oh great country! Vengence is ours and the Lord's! For he has delivered our enemy into our hands.
Public Enemy #1 Osama Bin Laden is DEAD. He didn't die naturally, he was destroyed. Not by a missle, but by a bullet to the head. Our soliders the Navy SEALS were annioted to
find Bin Laden and take him down as a sniper takes down his target. Don't weep for Bin Laden oh people. Shout "Ha,Ha, your dead!" For he deserved no mercy.
None to a spoiled,womanizing,extreme,rich bigoted mass murderer. Who on an late summer day on September 11,2001. Convinced 6 followers to hijack 4 planes, and kill thousands of
innocent people all in the name of Jihad. Al Qaeda, understand this: You're reign of terror is over. The head of the viper has been decaptitated. Your leader is no more. How will you fight?You won't for you'll flee home in defeat.
Praise The Lord for Barack Husssein Obama! The Hawaiian,milano black man named after the captian of
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House Spider
House Spider by GrilledEelHamatsu c2010 Patrick Lawson
In every room, every corner I see them
They're so visable, you can read them. The size of beads,lounging around on
the corners of walls,not too big or tall but quite small
They're brown and a bit hairy and many girls think they're scary. They are little
house Spiders no more harmless than a butterfly. Thier all female and you wanna know
why? Because males can't build webs and everyone knows spiders can't fly. Wanna to
know what they like to do?They just wanna help you. By eating pesky sugar ants,silverfish and
eewy,creepy earwigs much smaller than a tiny twig. They rarely bite so don't think they
will. They won't even bite so don't think they will. they won't even kill. she lays her eggs not
under a bed,but under a bathroom crevice. She's not blind but she can't see very well
and its hindsight is aggessive as a male. With six small eyes she preys for her food
Wanna know what she thinks when she sees a woman who feels weak? She look
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Super Dimensional Game Neptune
Long,Long,Long, ago. In 21st century. An alternate universe existed. four rival lands in
the distant planet of Geimugyokai, there are 4 beautiful deities.full of sass,beauty,charm and
personality. Each being residing over four lands. they possess the ablility to change from average
pretty girls into gaming hardware. However these 4 beauties are constantly battling each other
about who's the the more superior and how many citizens posses thier land. Whoever maintains
her superiority is the victor in this everlasting console war.
At the top of her game is the protector of purple Neptune. Her nickname is RingEdge and her other costume is orange
Her abilities are far greater and stronger than the other three girls. she guards the planet land of Planetume
a land made up of old and young people. The young demand way too much from her
while the old cheer for her and lament her fallen older sister "Miss Katana" a.k.a. "Dreamcast"
who feel victim to land bankrupcy,depression and was overpowered
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 1 3
Quartz Quadrant: Present.
"Shining Love" Quartz Quadrant: Present (Sonic CD) Japan c1993,2010 SEGA
Lyrics composed by Patrick Lawson
That li-tt-le girl pink hedge-hog really cares for you she really lo-oooves you
you are the hero, she's the damsel in distress just go on and save her
Verse 1
Shining bright deep down inside your heart is you're love, you've fallen in love, don't
try to fight it! Even spiky blue hedgehogs can get hit by cupid, It's okay! It's normal!
You're just an average normal guy. Shining bright deep down inside your heart is your
devotion. Because you can't help it, you've fallen very hard. Love is the true number of the keys that
lead to happiness. Don't waste time hurry up and go save her
Wow, isn't she very lovely. She's just a girl, a prim lady, you're main squeeze
You're heart is beating faster than light speed
'Cause you know that she's crazy for you
Love's invincble, it conquers all
Because nothing will ever stand in the way of
Romance is too strong,too powerful to break do
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Bad Tatse Aquarium
Bad Taste Aquarium (Hot Shelter) By GrilledEelHamatsu
Lyrics by Patrick Lawson c1999,2010 SEGA.
Come along and ride the elevator,to the basement
Along to where adventure awaits, there's fish and sharks and egg robos,
dangerous creatures ready to pounce
So watch your back or else you'll become fish food
Verse 1
Swim around the Hot Shelter
It's the called the Bad Tatse Aquarium
Please be aware that you could drown
So don't run just swim as hard as you can
Wade in the water, it might be deep
Just conentrate try not to think about drowning
Be patient you might just live,Keep your head up
Keep paddlin' Stand strong and outsmart your foes
Just try, to find that hidden water drain
Zero might be on your tail,but hope will set you free
Running and hiding will do you no good
You've got to trust your instincts, they'll keep you out of trouble
and lead you to the end of the tunnel.
Give it all you got,put you effort into it
and outsmart your enemy,he's not very smart but stupid
you can crus
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Enter 2010.
Enter 2010 By GrilledEelHamatsu
Enter the year 2010. Enter not just a new year, but a new decade.
Which means that sytles,culture,techonology will all change within the next decade.
People will age, new generations will be born. But will we really have human cloning?Flying cars?
I'm sure those myths have since then have long been debunked. What other surprises
await us both this year and this decade? what about the paronoia over the gullible people
who believe the world will end in 2012? This are the same people that thought that Y2K of 1999
would shut down all the computers and that the CPU clocks of everything would think that
1/1/00 would be 1/1/1900.
Yes those people were foolish. And for those who believe 2012 are just as foolish as they
were 11 years ago. Only the events of a normal holiday shopping day like December
21,2012 will be dissapointed. I don't hope I know. Where do I see myself in 2019? at age 36? I see
myself as an older man. This means I'm getting older, this means I
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Mudane By GrilledEeelHamatsu
Life is mundane
Everyday is the same thing. We get up for work
Eat oatmeal. Read the newspaper. Drink a cup of coffee
Head out the door into the car on the road
Life doesn't seem to be exciting to say the least.
You return home for dinner,pray or do whatever
Nothing new or interesting seems to happen
Just reduntacy and consitancy.
What for? because life just keeps going. The world goes round and round
There's plenty of exciting things that do happen in between. These things are called
events. Life's suprises or "what happens when life throws it's curveballs at you"
So that means, you've gotta grab opprotunties when they come along. Make
something of yourself. Go and become somebody or you'll die a vitrual unknown.
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Rumbling HWY.
Rumbling HWY(Mission Street) From Sonic Adventure 2 (Miles Prower Stage)
c2001,2009 SEGA Corporation.
  (Synth and  bass solo)
Target is locked on. It's your evil rival, speeding on the Rumbling HWY.
Earthquakes shake the ground spinning you around in the nighttime on the Rumbling HWY
Don't let  him get away if you catch him you'll become a hero. You've got to be brave and fearless
,before long you will be adimired and loved...
   You've got the Power! You've got the authority.
   To overcome adversity. You are the hero and he is the enemy.
Verse 2
Destroy all enemies, the robots that are pesky fleas on the Rumbling Highway.
Ca-li-for-nia is where it's all at the tremors give us all heartattacks. Just remember
that you are a superhero. The girls are all crazy for you, You two-tailed manly
strappin' FOX-BOY!
Repeat Bridge
Lyrics by Patrick Lawson.
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 0
Lovely Gate 3.
Lovely Gate(Egg Quarters) From SA2(Rouge The Bat Stage) c2001,2009 SEGA Corp
Look Out! Here I come! I'm coming to get you
Stop right where you are! Lil' cutie pie. You can run but you can't hide
I'm coming to get you. Ignorance is bliss. Come here and give me a kiss.
        Verse 1
Come(Come)and meet me at the gate at the Lovely Gate(The Gate)
of romance. We'll waltz waltz like lovers on the yellow brick road of ero. Loooove.Love.
Love. love affection burning lust of passion........(passion) and esctasy. (Repeat 3X)
I love you my darling. Come inside....Deep inside into my busom of passion burning
deep passion. Don't go away! Please stay here with  me(with me) You are mine(only mine)
Don't be foolish and run away.
I am your slave, your slave. Do what you want to me.We are lovers. Lovers. slaves of passion. Passion
(Repeat vamp and verse 1)
Bridge 2
We are lovers. Lovers. Slaves of passion. passion. no mat
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 0
Windy and Ripply
Windy and Ripply (Emerald Coast) From Sonic Adventure c1999,2009 SEGA Lyrics by Patrick Lawson
Would you like to join me on ride to the highway?
Of breeezy speed, that's windy and ripply
No need for haste,cause there's no reason to be late
When you feel like you gotta stop
Just keep running and fear will vanish
Sunny days are far ahead
don't lose sight of your destination(just keep going)
It's not too far you're in for a celebration
of life an victory
Can you feel the sunshine racing through your veins?
It gets your adrenaline fired up to fall blast
It's you're inhititions, just relax and them flow
Repeat Verse
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 0
Take It. Shake it.
Take it, Shake it English Version(Non litteral translation).
Preformed by Sugar.  english lyrics by  GrilledEelHamatsu
What is it that you want from me?
On this journey I'm asked that alot.
Looking up in the bright blue sky, the awnser only lies in my heart
These really important words aren't easy to say
a point towards a light as a cloud passes my way
If is really something that you wanna know
It makes you emotional
Keep up, Keep going, don't run away and everything will be okay
Your confidence lies deep inside of you
You can take it someday
As all the white clouds seem to float by
and head deep towrds the blue horizon
Because our future bright and our destiny is also always close to us
Verse 2
I've taken my giant first step
but that's only the beginning
There are plenty suprises in store
Maybe that will cause you sorrow
If it's too much you don't have to give up
Relax,Relax just take it easy
Though this stressful day seems like eternity
It will end soon
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 0
My entire anime collection. by GrilledEelHamatsu My entire anime collection. :icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 7 6
At Dawn
At Dawn Speed Highway from Sonic Advenutre c1999,2009 SEGA Lyrics by Patrick Lawson
Verse 1
Are you ready for a wake up call?
It's time for breakfast
Pack up your belongings and let's hit the road!
The sun has just begun to shine
Cause this day is all of mine
The after party goes arwy because it's dawn
Sunrise comes in At Dawn and everybody got a party that's comming soon
Wake up! It's 4 AM.
In 1999 we're gonna party till the end
Come, let's dance rave, you don't have to worry about anything
Get up! Get on the floor. Let's rock and roll till we can't anymore
Verse 2
Come in and party in the morning with me, we'll dance the dark into sunrise
Join the JAM session with the Y2K goers waiting for the last day on earth
Break the bottle of Champagne, and we'll drink a be merry
Just don't go a get a DUI
As long as you and me are dancing on ther floor
There's no need to worry anymore
Cause when the end times come, we'll be in each other's arms.
(Brief Synth Solo)
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 2
Urban Museum
Urban Museum(Soft Museum) From Nights into Dreams c1996,2004,2009 SEGA.
Urban Musuem "Carefree Mix" lyrics by GrilledEelHamatsu
I'm in Heaven
Gone to Heaven
The minute that I saw you
I told myself I want to be free
'Cause I found my love at the urban musuem
and I felt like ignoring the voice of reason(Repeat 2X)
Cause you my one and only boo
Come on my lover
Let's travel to paradise(My one and only love)
Cause I'll never let go
of holding you so close
Because I'm holding on to a dream(that will never die)
and you're the only one for me
I wish I knew why (I love)
We've travel alone in paradise
and find each other and we'll together for the rest of lives
Just don't worry about the time
and you shall see and find
The true path of love(real love)
(Repeat Bridge)
"Nights into Dreams" c1996 SEGA Coporation, registerted a trademark of Sega. Lyrics c2004,2009 Patrick Lawson.
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 2
The Lone Tornado 2
The Lone Tornado 2
By GrilledEelHamatsu.
Who is the lone Tornado?
He is the saint of righteousness one who looks forward to his future.
Is he bothered by life? No. Because he knows the plans the Lord has for him.
The plans of good and not evil, the plans to give him a hope and a future.
As the days go by, he wonders, what will happen in the year 2009. To him.
Will he move on? Will he become a man? Will he recieve more finicial input despite
the rough economy? His thoughts run deep, his curiousity runs rampant. His thoughtfulness
not overlooked. His nervousness leading. As he wonders if his disoriented someone.
What move does he make next? Where does he go from here?
He can only endure to find out. Solomon said "everything is meaningless." But the Lone Tornado
has yet to experience that in order to really believe that. He has yet to own everything
he ever wanted in the world, but he will someday
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 0
One,More Chance,One more Time.
One More Chance,One more time.( litterate english version not litteral translated lyrics) Written and Preformed by
Masayoshi Yamazaki. Translated by GrilledEelHamatsu
If I lose anymore of your heart, Will my heart be unto forgiven?
How much sorrow must I feel, Before I see you again?
Can I have one more time? Just please don't change the season.
One more time, for us to be together.
When our parallel paths cross eachother, I'm always the first to turn around
Please allow me to indulge in my selfish way, trap me in my own fantasy
Just give me One more chance, so I can enjoy my dream. One more chance, we can't just
simply part ways.
Whever you are, I'm searching, somewhere far away for you.
Right on the back patio, deep in the back alley
Even though I know that I probably won't see you.
Please let my prayer come true, I really want to see you
Holding you deep in my arms, gazing into your eyes
Showing you that I rather, be with you
Anybody can tolerate being lonely, even it seems like it
:icongrilledeelhamatsu:GrilledEelHamatsu 0 2


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