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May 1, 2010
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Long,Long,Long, ago. In 21st century. An alternate universe existed. four rival lands in
the distant planet of Geimugyokai, there are 4 beautiful deities.full of sass,beauty,charm and
personality. Each being residing over four lands. they possess the ablility to change from average
pretty girls into gaming hardware. However these 4 beauties are constantly battling each other
about who's the the more superior and how many citizens posses thier land. Whoever maintains
her superiority is the victor in this everlasting console war.

At the top of her game is the protector of purple Neptune. Her nickname is RingEdge and her other costume is orange
Her abilities are far greater and stronger than the other three girls. she guards the planet land of Planetume
a land made up of old and young people. The young demand way too much from her
while the old cheer for her and lament her fallen older sister "Miss Katana" a.k.a. "Dreamcast"
who feel victim to land bankrupcy,depression and was overpowered by Lastation's bullish
sister "LS2" who lays ill on her deathbed. Neptune also studies her distant ancestor
Sanshira(Saturn) who was unable to gather a large reputation outside of her homeland "Aurora"
Neptune is a force to be rekoned with. She has 5Xs the graphical speed and power of her rivals.
With her passionate fans,her superior power and charm, she will rize like a Pheonix
to the top above all others.

The lovely protector of Green is Rinnebox(Xbox 360). She is gorgeous,sexy, voluptous and sultry.
Hey, it's the american way! Her armor may be flawed at time and she has a heart
defect, but her ability to charm people with her good looks and witty personality gives her
a strong base. Her people love her dearly but also has tremendous respect for the citizens of
Planetume and has a strong fondness for Neptune. Rinnebox considers herself a close
friend of Neptune and can't help but look up to her as a sister. She has utter comtempt for

Lastation or "LS3" stands in third place. She is a primma donna. Believing she has the
upper hand in budget,she doesn't realize that her people are slowly bankrupting themselves with too
much of a weathy lifesytle. Her armor only appears to be inpenterable, but is actually
seriously flawed and eventually she will lose her strength. She cannot seem to be up to
her sister LS2(Playsation 2) who defeated Miss Katana long ago and is scared to death of Neptune's
potentional,dreading she will be defeated by Neptune. her parents who are the pioneers of the
Heavy Black land met in when they went on a date in 1990s to conceive a CD-ROM hybrid.

And last but not least is Ruwii(Wii). Her people in the Dreamy land of white are mostly made up
of young children and teens. For them everyday is playtime. All they want to do is have fun
and party and have fun. Her capabilities are far weaker than the other girls. She is also
alot more lively than her late sister Noricube(GameCube) who suffered from lackluster appeal
Ruwii loves to play and like to entice older citizens into having fun with her. She is naive
to Neptune's power and mostly uses her powers by waving a magic remote. Her power is
limited but with her crafty charm and successful pocket toys her family makes, she still holds her own.

There shall only be one, who will make it to the top.
This is my first deviation in ages. It's a parable that has metophoral look into the console wars. It gets really interesting. Can you guess each figurtive point thats made about each console.

BTW, this entry is heavily inspired by a new PS3 game in Japan called Super Dimensional Game Neptune made by SEGA who's hinting a new streaming console "RingEdge" using the codename "Neptune".

Interesting, I'm hoping the English release of this game comes through.

But isn't Neptune/Purple Heart based off Sega's unreleased console with the same name?
Neptune is actaully based on a codename arcade board set to be unveiled in early 2011. It's unrelated to the Sega Jupiter/Neptune 2D cartidge console that was scrapped by Sega of America.

BTW, SEGA will unveil the new RINGEDGE based digital console at CES 2011.
Hm, interesting, I guess that info I got was wrong. But her being a new console to be released with potential would make sense for the beginning of the game where the other 3 attack her.
Because the info I had, White Heart, Black Heart, and Green Heart gang up on Purple Heart in the beginning because she's was an unreleased console and not relevant to today's console market.
And I'd like to see how RINGEDGE turns out next year now.
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